Is gta 5 xbox one x enhanced ?

The enhanced games on the Xbox console can be seen from the Xbox One website show that GTA 5 is not part of the list of enhanced games. Put, simply the game does not have the core features of other enhanced games – No, GTA Xbox one is not X enhanced.

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Have you wondered what really got enhanced and the possible reasons why the enhanced features are not available on GTA 5 Xbox One? We would touch just that; First, I will tell you some of the features of the enhanced games and then secondly before the end of the article I will provide you reasons why GTA 5 is not enhanced based on my little but sufficient research. Then in my next article, I will expose how you may still enjoy the enhanced features.
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gta 5 mods xbox one

When a software company provides an X version of a software, in this case, a game, it simply means they have added some features that are advanced than the previous version of the software. This may include picture quality , advanced features in functionality, new control commands, resolution, sound quality, display quality (faster rate frame rates)and sometimes this X version may also be accompanied by a change in the physical appearance of the hardware and so on.

The core feature of X enhanced games on Xbox One
Xbox One X games that are X enhanced have the following features:

  • 4k Higher Dynamic Range(HDR) — They have better graphics presentation and this may also be dependent on the device you are using.
  • Graphics improvements/enhancement.
  • Better Picture Frame rate.

Why is GTA 5 has No X enhanced feature?

The Rockstar games have done well for itself and the company and improvements on the core features of the game will solely be dependent on internal decisions as stated here, these X enhanced features for GTA may come in for GTA VI (6). So let’s are patient and anticipate better features in the coming upgrade.