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We’ve been away too long from Bonus Video Slots and those second chance bonus screen options. Since the last episode, there have been many additions on the casino floor. Now it’s time to return to this ongoing gaming trend and discover what we’ve been missing. I have provided ten BVS versions that you can seek out and enjoy at your next casino experience..

1) Three Stooges: Not just for males--oh no. You can’t miss these slant-top slots on the floor because the graphics are in black and white just like the ‘reel-thing’. A ‘movie-screen and clips’ of days gone by and three very funny gents greet you. Audio remembrances of: woob-woob-woob= jackpot, nyuk-nyuk-nyuk=wild symbol, How about some soivice?= hopper fill or fifty-fifty-fifty=insert $50 bill. Hey, where’s my half=my favorite, Curly and It’s bonus time=one of the three Stooges speaks. Three bonus Stooge symbols on payline with 3 coins and you choose one of the Stooges for the bonus round. The more pie in the face, eye pokes and antics in the film-clip, the higher the bonus plus a ‘stooge’ celebration dance at the end of the round. There are more film-clips and versions to come and yes, Shemp will be represented. Now you can go to the movies and laugh out loud at your favorite casino with this BVS version.

2) Big Bang Piggy Bankin’: I say--bring on all the new versions of this popular BVS, especially this one with two bonus rounds. Features are the wild pig, special bar symbols and ten piggy animations with a rotating arrow in the middle bonus screen. Any three pig symbols that pay send you to the bonus screen. First bonus: once the arrow stops on a bonus amount, it’s recorded and the pig becomes a bomb the arrow re-circles. Round and round we go, gathering bonus amounts as long as the arrow does not land on the bomb. Get past the bomb after third and ninth try and you are rewarded with extra bonus credits. Second bonus involves the piggy bank that will count credits for three blanks while three ‘break the bank’ symbols will bring forth the total banked amount. So many piggies and now extra bonuses -- enjoy the squeal.

3) Palace of Riches: Line up three ‘enter the palace’ symbols for the bonus round. Cash awards are stacked above you and once the flashing stops, you can see an amount with a multiplier. Rack up these bonus amounts as they repeat and until you receive ‘game over’ signal. At max coin play and hitting every bonus amount one time, there is an additional jackpot of 5000 coins. A rich winner indeed.

4) Instant Winner: If you are a lottery player, have I got the game for you! Graphics include a variety of fruits, lottery signs and ‘wild jackpot’ symbols. Three scatter-pay ‘sweepstakes’ produces a ‘check’ on the bonus screen for as much as 130 times the total bet--e.g., 9 line 45 credit=5850. And more...three ‘scratch ‘n win’ produce six instant lottery tickets with familiar names: Reel ‘Em In, Filthy Rich, Jackpot Party tickets, etc. Scratch away for winnings based on spots correctly matched and throw in a random bonus from your line bet. This slot offers better odds of lottery profits than any corner store can boast.

5) Pirates Cove: Pirates and buried treasure, ahoy. The treasure chest symbol is not only wild but three alined will pay the top jackpot. Scatter-pay=pirate hat. Second screen graphic shows a scene of a deserted island, a peg-legged pirate, a shovel and seven X’s marked in the sand. Move your pirate around, hit the dig button and watch the coins fly in your direction. Treasure hunting without the hard work.

6) Chairman of the Board: another Monopoly version, 9 lines and a very high hit frequency. Scatter dice Symbols activates the ‘dice bonus’ round--roll the dice and multiply. Three ‘boardwalks’ takes you to the familiar top-box bonus round board game. Choose your properties, multipliers and accumulating credits until ‘go to jail’, ‘jail’, ‘luxury tax’ or ‘income tax’ stops your run. A ‘get out of jail free’ allows you to continue the round plus three ‘same-colored’ properties=a bonus amount. Another plus for me: I get to see my favorite ‘Uncle Pennybags’ again.

7) Hitsville: If your favorite kind of music, like mine, is Motown, check out this Odyssey BVS version. This Odyssey high platform style provides a view of the famous Apollo theater. Three bonus symbols allows you to ‘touch the music’ and form your own band. Hear the sweet sounds of the music and bonus amounts mounting up until ‘collect’ appears. Second bonus is activated by record symbols on the reels with matching multiplier. ‘Ain’t Too Proud To Beg’ for this version in my favorite casino.

8) Trick or Treat: Halloween year round with witch, ghosts and jack-o-lanterns. Add to the mix--skeletons scatter-pay, poker symbols and three ‘coin’ symbols that triggers the bonus screen. Choose coin for several bonus stacks or gift for free spins where jackpot multipliers definitely give you a treat.

9) Jumpin’ Joeys: Australian Aristocrat has another first -- how about 20 paylines! Wildlife characters: kangaroos (joeys), koala bears, kookaburra birds and the outback scenery bring on the bonus amounts. The landscape scene and daisy symbol on a payline will bring on jumpin’ joey to land on each jackpot symbol and rack up the points along the way. I tip me hat to this new slot edition and plan to jump on real soon.

10) Bomb Shell: World War 2 -- B52 bombers and leggy gals -- my father would have been proud. Three scatter-pay bombshells meets the second-screen bonus round. Warplanes falling around your head dropping coins that when caught produce bonus amounts. That real bomb will stop your progress, but in the meantime listen to that swing because with this game you will be back soon to the bonus round catching dropping ‘coin bombs’.

Remember that even though bells sound and bonus amounts are lit up; you should check each payout amount because a 'big deal win' of 30 credits is not truly a win when you bet 45 credits originally. To stretch your gambling bankroll, start off with 1-2 coins per payline; you can then risk a maximum spin as your credits mount.

All features are not available or could be different versions as casinos order their own configurations. We will continue to present newest BVS versions as they come aboard. Until then, you can stay ahead of this fun gaming trend at this site and may all your plays take you to bonus round heaven.